Visual tour of Cape Town and Blouberg

So let's just say that you have been 'out of the picture' for a while, or haven't yet traveled to South Africa's sunny shores. But, now having chatted to a few people who have been to Blouberg, you quite fancy coming to Cape Town on holiday. We are perhaps somewhat biased, but despite that still consider that the west coast is the place to stay, as visitors confirm our bias repeatedly.
Blouberg has something for everyone from kitesurfers, surfers, foodies, families, business travelers, sun worshipers, nature lovers...

Blouberg has it all

It is youthful and vibey, perfect for a family self-catering stay. We are close to the city so Blouberg is ideal for the business traveler and the scenery is majestic offering quiet places where the contemplative traveler can feel their souls.
But you don't have to take our word for it, here are some fellow Blouberg fans...

Hungry for more?

While not strictly all in Blouberg here are some fabulous restaurants in and around Cape Town...

Convincing enough?

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Visual tour of Cape Town and Blouberg

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