Bloubergstrand Holiday Summer Safety

Bloubergstrand Holiday Summer Safety Tips

December is around the corner and just like that comes the time to gear up and get ready for those sunny summer beach days you have been waiting for all year. Here are some useful beach tips for you to follow while enjoying your well-deserved break:

Lather up

December and January are usually two of the hottest months in South Africa. It is also the time where the sun can cause the most damage to the skin.  Getting sunburned is easy if proper precautions are not taken. You might not notice it right away but it can creep up on you and easily spoil a vacation. Always put on waterproof sunblock lotion and a hat before leaving home. The higher the SPF level in your lotion, the more protection you will have. 

Stay hydrated

If you are planning to stay at the beach for long periods of time then water should be one of the first items on your list.  Sodas are not a suitable substitute for water and should not be your only form of hydration.  Neither is alcohol.  It is dangerous to swim under the influence of any substance and alcohol dehydrates the body even more.  A fresh bottle of water is your best solution.

Consider the conditions

When choosing your bathing spot always consider the conditions first.  For example, if you are a strong swimmer going to the beach with a few adults friends, then a slightly stronger current and swell will most likely not be an issue for you. However, for parents with children, this will not be an ideal area to swim and might even be dangerous.  If you are not sure if the conditions are suitable then ask first. No one knows your family’s limitations better than you.

Swim Safe

A lot of effort is put into keeping bathers safe during the December holidays and you can do your bit too.  Always stay between the designated flagged areas and obey your lifeguards – they are trained professionals and know better.  Use the buddy system when going for a dip. Try not to go swimming alone and if you do, tell someone – yes, even the adults.  Parents should not let children enter the water without supervision and when playing on the beach, children should always be within line of sight.

Keep safe and enjoy! Remember to contact us first for accommodation during your December break.

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Bloubergstrand Holiday Summer Safety

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