Make your Stay in Blouberg a Water Conscious Summer

Make your Stay in Blouberg a Water Conscious Summer But How to Do it?

Coastal towns and cities have spent a lot of time preparing for the upcoming holiday season. None more so than the City of Cape Town who is not only preparing for visitors from afar but also has to manage a long-lasting drought with limited water resources. As such, policies have been put in place to secure continuous efforts in saving the little water that Cape Town has left.  Please abide by the following rules when visiting Cape Town during this summer:

Have a water conscious summer

Cape Town is currently on Level 5 water restrictions which mean that residents and visitors are only allowed 87L of water per person per day. For beach goers, it is important to note that a large majority of beach ablution blocks have shut down outdoor showers and removed all taps. Level 5 restrictions mean that there is a ban on all use of mainline municipal water for any outdoor purpose or non-essential water usages.  It means no hosing down of paved surfaces, no irrigation, no washing of vehicles, caravans or boats, no filling of portable pools and no swimming pool top-ups.

Saving water indoors

It is important that visitors and residents alike realise that literally, every drop counts.  You can save water in the house by re-using what is called grey water.  This is mildly-used water that can be used for other purposes. It is not fit for human consumption but fills a void when requiring water elsewhere in or around the home, be it to flush a toilet, irrigate your garden or rinse off cars, boats or caravans.  A good suggestion is to fill a container with second-hand water from the kitchen or bathroom and re-use, rather than having it pour down the drain. For visitors who are not used to water restrictions, basic water savings efforts like turning off the tap while brushing teeth and limiting shower time to 90 seconds, will make a big difference.  We would like to encourage you to work out a water-saving schedule for you and your family when visiting our beautiful city.

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Make your Stay in Blouberg a Water Conscious Summer

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