Family holiday: why self catering is better than good

Ahh, the holidays!! Sandy beaches, stunning views of Table Mountain and relaxing at a local café watching the sun worshipers, bathers, surfers and looking out to sea from the beautiful Blouberg beach front. Breathe deeply as time slows down – unwind and let all the stress melt away.
So now that the dream of peace and plenty in paradise is firmly set in the mind’s eye, where are you planning to sleep when you are living the dream on holiday?

Save money

Obviously being waited on hand and foot has a certain attraction because not having to do any heavy lifting (unless it is a cocktail) while on holiday makes for a nice break from the usual state of affairs.  The drawback is that staying in a flashy hotel with a battery of servants and rolling with a posse to tend to your every whim will have the credit card burning a hole in the wallet in short order! Besides a travelling family needs a lot of space and languishing on the pool deck sipping cocktails is not very family friendly.

“There are many benefits when choosing self-catering, especially for families. It allows you to be a local in the city that you are visiting and you get to meet many new people.” Jennifer Morris, Travel Savvy

Home comforts

There was an advert on TV about a guy on holiday who found himself so at home in a hotel that he completely forgot where he was. The man proceeded to stroll to the breakfast room dressed only in his baggy Y-Fronts and while idly scratching away he finally realised he was surrounded by fellow holidaymakers! I wondered whether his house resembled the hotel or more likely, in real life, the hotel resembled his house!

There is something to be said for having your own space on holiday.

Flexibility of self-catering

There are no curfews, but if you are having too much fun out to the wee hours of the night you may find yourself having to dig deep and find a second wind to party till the sun comes up before you can get some sleep.  If you have your own place then you can come and go as you please.

You don’t always have to dress up and look good every time you leave the bedroom.  There is a lot to be said for being able to go on coffee runs in the morning without having to get out of your P-Jay’s.

Easier meal times

Breakfast is served when it is convenient for you (although you may have to make it first) but there is no mad dressing rush to get to the breakfast buffet before the cut-off. Alternatively, join the café culture and head out for a nice civilised brunch.

If dishes and the inevitable clean-up are keeping you from trying out Self-Catering Accommodation then we have a room servicing option to keep those dish-pan hands at bay.

Convenient locations

All the great family places to go to are out of the city, like the beach! Our Self-Catering Accommodation in Bloubergstrand is located conveniently close to the beach with Cape Town CBD in the close distance.

Quality family time

And best of all you can only get that feeling of being totally free and at ease, if you are spending quality time with your family in your own space.

Ready for the next Family Holiday?

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Family holiday: why self catering is better than good

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