Turn off the Travel Shows because Life is GOOD when YOU Travel

Watching travel shows whisks you away to exotic locations for 60 minutes and then drops you back to reality, on the couch, without you really feeling anything. Perhaps you learned that Cape Town has majestic views from Table Mountain, world class wines, diverse culture and although you will pay for luxury it is still more affordable than other travel destinations. But did you really experience it? The greatest thing about traveling is that apart from getting some great snaps, a golden tan and a few memories, you return home a different person.

Here are a few reason why travelling is good for you:

Travelling wakes up your mind

We need to break free from our routines every once in a while, those daily repetitious duties that switch our minds off so we can run on automatic. Having to keep track of your baggage, fellow travellers, navigate around airports, trying new things, making spontaneous decisions stimulates and sharpens the mind.

Travelling opens your eyes

Walking around at home we take our filters with us because we are over familiar with our local scenery. On visiting a differnet city we ‘drink in’ the scenery, absorb the culture and are fascinated by our surroundings. Because we feel less inhibited, more relaxed or freer, we feel stronger emotions like fun and excitement which makes the experience and memories more vivid. Our minds are more open and we are able to see how other people’s lives and experiences differ from ours.

Travelling gives you inner strength

Getting out of your comfort zone, trying new things, and going on an adventure, overcoming obstacles and conquering personal fears are all far more likely to happen when you are traveling.  Experiencing these things boosts your self-confidence and better equips you to handle challenges at home.

Travelling makes you interesting

You don’t have to have had a great white shark inches away from your face, ziplined over a forest, or eaten mopane worms to be entertaining.  Having experienced a different culture, country, sights and sounds will give you plenty of great stories to entertain you audience.

Travelling expands your network

When you are traveling people are friendlier, possibly because you are also friendlier, and striking up a conversation feels natural and effortless. When we make friends along the way, our brief interaction can grow into a lifetime friendship and social media makes this so much more possible.

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Turn off the Travel Shows because Life is GOOD when YOU Travel

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