Water for Holidaymakers – Cape Town Welcomes your Visit!

Water for Holidaymakers - a water-friendly Cape Town awaits

This time last year Capetonians and visitors alike were faced with a severe water shortage crisis and the management thereof, but due to continues water-saving efforts from local consumers and visitors, the City of Cape Town has managed to avoid the dreaded Day Zero and is now getting ready for what comes next - the warm summer holidays.  

The current water situation

In a recent brief released by Anton Bredel, Minister of Local Government Environmental Affairs and Development Planning in the Western Cape, it was stated that a late winter and early spring rainfall contributed tremendously to the current damn levels.  To put in perspective, at the end of April 2018, the Theewaterskloof Damn level was hovering on an all-time low 10% whereas the combined levels of dams feeding the City of Cape Town stood at only 37%.  Currently, the Theewaterskloof Dam is 56% filled while the combined dam levels are boasting at 75% - a major improvement from previous years. 

How much water is available?

Aside from no Day Zero, the current rise in dam levels has prompted the City of Cape Town Municipality to relax its water restrictions from a Level 6B to a Level 5.  This means that as of 1 October 2018, Captonians are permitted to use 70 litres of water per person per day as from the previous allowance which was 50 litres per person per day. 

What does this mean for holidaymakers? 

Those looking forward to visiting Cape Town in the coming months, especially during the summer holidays, need not be put off by the water crisis - water will be available.  It is important though to remain aware of how much water one uses and continue with water saving efforts in and around your home or business. What we save now will be beneficial for the holiday season ahead, more so during the December break when the demand for water is higher. 

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Water for Holidaymakers – Cape Town Welcomes your Visit!

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